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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

I make funny stories, games, and youtube videos.

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Read the Room

Elias burst into the living room, his eyes gleaming with a wild light. “WANNA HOP ON FORTNITE MY GUY?!” The room immediately darkened with the mood. The three brothers, who were reading books peacefully, immediately stood up with an unearthly power. Andris, Silly, and Heyme eyes’ glazed over, and they raised their shaggy heads, eyes…

Japanese Shef

“Hehe he he!” Shef cackled insanely as he stepped off flight 35 to Hong Kong, and peered out of the jetway. The airport was full of people milling around, mostly pasty American tourists. He snuck down the airport walkway, taking cover behind potted plants. He was on the FBI hitlist, so it was essential that…

Crazy Cat Lady

 Sayse, otherwise known to the world as Crazy Cat Lady, was a terrible girl. She would kidnap cats from there homes in broad daylight and bring them to her house. “The cats LOOOOVE it!” Sayse would always say, like she could understand cat.   When the cats were inside of Sayse’s parents’ house, she would…

Da Geels

Har Har!                 Sese and Marm, the Geels, cackled to themselves and they rolled the green playdoh in their greasy, stubby fingers. This morning, the Geels were hiding in the bathroom, even though their parents had banned them from it because they liked to turn the shower into a swamp.                       “Hey Sese! Why…

“This Gaming Monitor is for my schoolwork!”

Billy, Nilly, and Willy were three brothers, aged 13, 14, and 15 respectively. They lived in Dromestead, Florida, and absolutely despised going outside. They sat inside on their three computers all day, wasting their time playing Fortnite, Minecraft, or watching useless TikTok shorts. In fact, they were so intent on gaming that they insisted on…

The Proctored Exam

Billy sighed in relief as he logged on to his computer, sinking into his plush pink Barbie gaming chair. It was the only gaming chair in stock on Amazon, and he had no choice but to order it. Billy’s computer was a top-of-the-line Alienware X790, retailing for over 5,000 US dollars. He needed it so…


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