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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Meet Hawwy

Hawwy grunts as he lifts the roof of his house, a heavy flat rock. He wipes the drool from his mouth, and slithers out, falling onto the wet grass. Hawwy has been living out in the wilderness for almost a week, ever since he was convicted of several national felonies, like stealing from a Swiss bank, carving out his name on Mount Rushmore, and ‘accidentally’ murdering several people. Hawwy hates living in the park. He can’t play Fortnite and can’t rob anyone, except for the other hobos that live with him.

Today, Hawwy plans to go back into the city. It is very dangerous, but then everything Hawwy does is dangerous. “Hey Hawwy!” shouts Butlah, Hawwy bunkmate. “Where do you think you’re going?” Hawwy turns around, his tiny beady eyes red. He whips his short, stubby wand out of his pocket, and points it at Butlah. “Avada Kedavra!” He shouts in a deep, manly voice. A green light shoots out of the wand and aims toward Butlah, who tries to run, but the light is faster. Butlah drops to the floor, dead as a roach. Hawwy blinks away his rage and starts to laugh. His eyes turn the natural pure black color they almost always are. Then, he picks up Butlah’s corpse and drags it to the slide. He stuffs the body into it. Hopefully nobody finds it for a couple of hours.

Hawwy swaggers to the parking lot, a couple yards away. There is an orange and yellow golf-cart just waiting to be stolen. Hawwy jumps in. The keys are right in the ignition. Hawwy grins, turns the key, and the cart starts. The park ranger who owns the vehicle looks up from his phone, where he is playing Space 2, the newest and most addicting game on the App Store, rivaling even Fortnite. It is made by a 15-year-old game developer. The park ranger screams and hurls his phone at Hawwy, hoping to clonk him in the head. Hawwy catches the phone, giggling with glee, and zooms away.

Hawwy takes the nearest road toward town, dodging out of cars and traffic, and pointing his wand at anyone who dares turn into his lane. Hawwy pulls out the phone the park ranger threw at him. He taps a couple of buttons, and a game of Space 2 pops up. He starts to play, but then smashes into a car ahead of him. It is moving slower than a turtle. Hawwy’s eyes turn red, and he jumps out of his golf-cart, walking up to the slow-moving vehicle. He breaks the window, grabs the old woman that is driving the car, and throws her into the street. “You mongrel! You should be ashamed of yourself!” Hawwy grins, and hops into the woman’s car. “Thanks for the ride!” He shoots off, the old woman left in the dust. Five minutes later, Hawwy stops at an intersection, right across from the local mall. “Ooh!” He marvels at the huge building, and gets out of the car, leaving it at the stop light he had stopped at. Hawwy crosses the road, walks across the parking lot, and goes inside the mall.

To Be Continued…



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