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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Hawwy goes to the mall

Hawwy shrieks in frustration. These revolving doors are really getting on his nerve. He goes around the door once more, and then finally finds the entrance. Hawwy’s going to smash whoever invented the revolving door into a puddle of motor oil. The cold air blasts Hawwy in the face as he walks into the mall. He looks up, the roof a distant haze in the clouds. Hawwy wishes he has 42 eyes. Every store along the walkway of the mall lights up with bright neon colors. He first visits the Nike shop. “Hey muggle! I need some shoes!” Hawwy bellows in his deep manly voice. A scrawny, weedy, linguini looking teenager walks out from the checkout counter. “Sure, budeh”. The muggle glances at Hawwy feet, covered in tar, mud, and other rather foul elements, and does a double-take. “Oh, sorry, but you have to have shoes to go into the mall,” The muggle points to a sign on the door of the shop. “No shoes no service” the sign reads. But Hawwy can’t read. He never went to a proper school.

                Hawwy grins darkly. He pulls out his wand and bellows “Sectumsempra!”, and the muggle linguini collapses, cuts appearing in his flesh. Hawwy skips away, leaving muddy footprints.

                At the Microsoft store, a short walk away from the Nike shop, children and grownups flee as a crazy madman waves around a wooden stick, shouting curses in different languages. Red and green bolts fire from the stick, destroying lights and fixtures. Hawwy cackles. Going to the city was more fun than he expected. He scurries to the sleek looking computers. “Ooh! Shiny!” He giggles and click the mouse. The black screen is replaced by the lobby of Fortnite. Hawwy racks his brain. He knows how to read some words. He grabs the mouse, covering it in a dirty grime, and presses Play.

                While Hawwy was occupied, some security guards managed to sneak up on Hawwy. One meaty looking one with a huge afro wrapped his hands around Hawwy slippery neck. Hawwy choked and wheezed. “No! Die!” His hand  slips, and the shot he was about to fire at the enemy character misses. The opponent pickaxes Hawwy to death, and dances on his body. Hawwy is dragged away from the Microsoft store. On the way to the police car, Hawwy yanks out his wand, tears streaming from his dirty face, and points it at the security guard. His eyes turn crimson and he screeches a killing spell. The whole security guard posse collapses. Hawwy untangles his hands from the afro security guard, and slithers away his rock in the park. His trip to the city was very eventful, and Hawwy hopes to come back again. Maybe tomorrow, when the authorities are done searching for him. Hawwy grins. When he comes next time, he will get his first victory royale.

The End.


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