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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Hawwy goes to the circus

                As night turned to morning, the gigantic parking lot came to life with circus performers and stage crew. They rushed to set up the tents, tiger pit, and other circus equipment. Hawwy observed all of this from the top of the pine tree he had somehow scaled. His beady eyes followed the people. He was so high, they looked like ants. The breeze rustled the huge leaves, and the whole tree swayed. Hawwy gasped as his foot slipped, and he went tumbling down the tree. “Floatius!” Hawwy bellowed but forgot that his wand was in his back pocket. The wand shot out a ray of yellow light, and his orange jumpsuit shot up into the air, independent from Hawwy’s body. Hawwy fell the remaining distance to the ground and gasped in surprise as his rubber-like body bounced several times after hitting the ground. Hawwy got to his feet and sauntered into the parking lot. When the circus performer first spotted the naked boy, he screamed bloody murder. Hawwy cackled like a hyena. He reached back, but his back pocket wasn’t there, instead in the pocket’s place was a glute. The parking lot was a jumble of screaming performers and stage crew. Hawwy casually strolled through the chaos, and found a nice rock, lifted it up, and slid under it.

                Eight hours later.

                People started pouring into the parking lot, which now looked like an actual circus. Circus rides and games filled where asphalt used to be. Hawwy heard the loud muggles having fun and realized with his peanut brain that the circus was starting. He lifted the rock that he was hiding under and slid out. Luckily, he had found his familiar orange jumpsuit later that day and had put it back on. Hawwy blended in with a huge family as they received their tickets and passed into the main circus tent. Hawwy gasped as the tent opened into a huge clearing. Acrobats swung from trapezes attached to the roof of the tent. Hawwy giggled as he walked away from his “family”. He went to one of the far corners of the tent, raised his wooden wand, and bellowed “Wingarium Leviousa”. He sailed towards the acrobats like gravity hadn’t yet been discovered. Hawwy noticed that one of the acrobats wasn’t doing his job. He turned his body, and sailed toward the acrobats, also called Wooshu. Wooshu had snuck a Nintendo Switch into his pocket and was sitting cross-legged on one of the metal bridges spanning the tent roof, playing Fortnite. “Y-yes! No, no! Yes!” Wooshu shouted with excitement as he eliminated a player in the game. Wooshu dropped his Switch and did a very bad version of the Orange Justice. Just then, a sniper bullet caught Wooshu’s character in the head, and Wooshu screamed. Hawwy landed next to Wooshu and glanced at the screen. “Say, muggle, care to let me play?” Wooshu stared at Hawwy. “How did you get up here?”

Hawwy’s eyes turned a bright red. “LET ME PLAY!” He grabbed Wooshu by the neck and jumped off of the metal bridge. The circus crew later had to scrape the remains of “that unfortunate incident” off the floor with some putty knifes.  


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