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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Hawwy goes to Best Buy

                Hawwy cackles with delight as he steps into Best Buy, an enormous electronic store. It is around nine in the morning. The person sitting at the front checkout, named Vladmik, immediately suspects something bad is going to happen. This little boy has the aura of destruction.  Hawwy navigates through the many registers, people in the store are sparse. The store is filled with all sorts of computers, phones, and electronic parts. Hawwy spots a huge, pasty looking child sitting in a creaky plastic chair, playing Minecraft on one of the sleek gaming computers. Hawwy’s face darkens. He struts over, and watches as the child mines diamond ore. The child screams as Hawwy pulls the chair out from under him, and falls to the ground, rolling away like a marble. Before the child can roll away, Hawwy whips out his wand, fires a quick Killing Spell hitting its mark true to his aim, and wanders off toward the tv’s.

                In the tv section, Hawwy marvels at the simply humongous sheets of glass and metal that span entire walls. There is one tv that is playing a movie of the walking dead. Hawwy shrieks as a zombie walks onto a screen. He backs up and reaches for something to hurl at the creature. His hand finds a large, metal wrench. He throws it toward the zombie, and there is a nasty CRACK as the screen shatters. Hawwy casually backs up, and strolls away, whistling. Meanwhile, the security guards have been called, and they are now combing the store, looking for this mysterious little boy.

                Hawwy creeps around a corner and spots a security guard looking through the trash. Hawwy’s face lightens. “I bet this certain muscly muggle can help me get around this store,” He says to himself. Hawwy strides over. “Where can I find the telephones?” asks Hawwy. The Russian security guard, Alexandrov, straightens, and then realizes that this certain boy is the one that Vladmik ordered everyone to search for. Alexandrov reaches out his arms and claps his meaty hands around Hawwy’s neck. Hawwy screams like a banshee and rams his wand into Alexandrov’s arm. There is a wailing sound as the wand hits. Hawwy jerks the wand back, and casts a hex on Alexandrov. The poor Russian security is forced to dance for 30 hours straight. Hawwy dusts off his hands and backs away. He bumps into something hard. Hawwy turns, and immediately regrets looking. Five Russian security guards have Hawwy surrounded. Each one of them grabs one of Hawwy limb, and they carry him to the awaiting police cruiser. Hawwy screeches. “You won’t get away with this, mortal muggles! I will haunt your dreams! I wi—” The door slams shut on Hawwy head, closing him out.

Hawwy is grumpy the whole ride to the local penitentiary. “You shouldn’t be too sad,” says the driver. “They always end your life quick as a lightning bolt. You won’t even feel a thing.”

To be continued…


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