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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Hawwy goes to the park

                Hawwy glided towards Juniper Park on his ratty broomstick. It shook in the air as turbulence slammed into him. Hawwy tried to hold on, but his grip was getting loose. Hawwy fell the 150 feet to the ground, landing right on his head. Hawwy bounced a couple of times, and slowly came to rest. Hawwy slowly got to his feet. He was right in the middle of playground. To his right there was a sand pit, with some children playing in it, and surrounding him was a huge structure of metal and plastic, with some slides winding their way to the ground in loops. Hawwy cackled. He would enjoy this place. No mere mortal would stop him!

                Hawwy raced toward the sandpit, his stubby feet propelling him forward inches with each stride. Before he reached the border of the sandpit, Hawwy jumped, his momentum carrying him forward. He tucked in his knees like he was doing a cannonball into a pool. Now Hawwy was falling. There was a nasty cracking sound as Harry collided with the packed earth. Hawwy leaped up and glared at the nearest toddler. He stomped over, grabbed the child by the head, and shook it like a maraca. The child kicked, and Hawwy fell back. This opponent was going to be harder to defeat than Hawwy thought. Hawwy whipped out his wand, waved it at the child and bellowed like a frog. “Accio Milk!” The child shrieked as its milk supply began to drain from its body. Hawwy was growing stronger as fresh milk replenished his supply.

                Seconds later, the child slumped over, all of the milk drained for its body. Hawwy was bouncing with glee and power. He grabbed the late child’s shovel and began to dig. Minutes later, Hawwy hit the bottom of the sandpit. He leaped out of the 10-foot-deep pit,  his milk supply was only drained of half and ounce.

                Hawwy raced toward the swings and jumped into one. All of the other swings where taken up by small children. Who on earth owned all of them? The whole swing set creaked and groaned as Hawwy began to swing higher and higher. He got so high on the swings that he swung around the metal pole that connected the chains to the swing, going upside down and then back right side up. But Hawwy wasn’t going to stop there. When he was on the apex of his swing, he let go, flying into the air. Hawwy hit the sound barrier and held that speed for a couple of minutes. By  then, Hawwy wasn’t on earth anymore. He was in space.

Next: Hawwy in Space!


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