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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Hawwy goes to space

Hawwy cackles as he zooms out of the atmosphere into pure blackness. He chokes and tries to breathe in, but there is nothing to breathe. Hawwy raises his wand and casts a spell with his last breath. A invisible bubble appears out of thin air, and shrinks around Hawwy’s head. He tries breathing, and is satisfied with the result.

Hawwy looks around, and gasps when he sees the moon. It’s huge, with craters pocketing the surface. Hawwy maneuvers around, sucks in a huge breath, and blows with all his might. He is feeling quite lightheaded now. Hawwy is now entering the gravity of the moon. He can feel the moon pulling him toward it. With a couple miles to go until he reaches the surface, Hawwy yanks out his crusty wand, points it at himself, and bellows “Rockbellius!” Immediately, Hawwy’s weight increases by 1,000. He plummets toward the moon, going 100 miles an hour. Right before Hawwy hits the surface, he mutters the counterspell, and bounces off of the rough floor off like a bouncy ball. Hawwy continues to bounce until he has traveled halfway around the moon. Hawwy gets to his feet, and looks around. Its very dark here. Hawwy doesn’t know it, but he is on the dark side of the moon. He pulls out his wand again, and croaks “Lumos”. A bright light shines from the tip of the wand. Now Hawwy can see. Out of the corner of his eye, Hawwy sees something dart toward him. It’s black, and hard to see. Hawwy turns around, and fires a killing curse at the thing. The green light shoots out of Hawwy wand, and shoots toward the creature. Hawwy grunts and grips the surface with his feet, trying not to get lifted off by the force of the killing curse. The light hits the creature, and Hawwy rushes forward. He stares at the weird animal. It looks just like those aliens that you see in the movies, with pale wrinkly skin, a head shaped like a balloon, a potbelly, and weird three toed feet.

Suddenly, a bunch of the creatures rush toward Hawwy from behind a huge moon rock. They are holding laser guns, and are aiming it right at Hawwy’s big beluga head. Hawwy raises his right hand in the Vulcan Salute. He cackles. “You’ll have to take me!” He leaps into the air and fires off a couple of hexes that leave the aliens dancing to a song of “Wheels on the Bus”. The aliens start firing, and lasers ricochet off of everything in their path. A couple whiz by Hawwy, but he is too dumb to realized the danger. Hawwy hits the ground, and is immediately fired on. Seconds later, a stray laser hits Hawwy right in the head, and Hawwy falls over. The aliens surround him, lift him up, and carry him to their home on the moon.

To be continued…


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