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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Hawwy goes to the Aquarium

Hawwy whizzes past the sign to “Port Mare Aquarium” on his ratty broomstick. He cackles like a witch as he lands on the sidewalk leading up to the huge rotating doors. Hawwy dismounts and slips the broom into his trusty orange jumpsuit. Hawwy then waddles up to the rotating doors. Hawwy remembers his last encounter with these malicious objects. Instead of trying to go into them, Hawwy whips out his wand, bellows a curse, and a purple stream of light shoots out of his wand and through the glass. The doors immediately shatter into a million pieces and Hawwy slips through.

Now Hawwy is inside of a long hallway leading to a desk with a security guard and a metal detector. Hawwy squeezes his eyes shut, concentrating every single last extinct brain cell on his task ahead. Suddenly, there is a loud POP, and Hawwy disappears. Half a second later he appears on the other side of the metal detector. “Hey!” shouts Alehandro, the Russian security guard. He runs after Hawwy. Hawwy looks behind him, and apparates even farther into down the hallway. Just a little more down the hallway are double doors leading to the actual aquarium. With a loud POP, Hawwy appears next to a bucktoothed chubby bald kid who is playing Minecraft. Hawwy peers at the Nintendo Switch, and when he sees the pixelated level of Minecraft, his eyes turn a malevolent red color. He pulls his wand out, points it at the bald kid, and shouts a curse. There is a SNAP, and the kid drops to the ground. His transition to pig form is now complete. Hawwy snickers like a horse and moves along. There is a huge glass wall separating Hawwy from the feeshes inside of the aquarium. Irm the Feesh is doing backstrokes in the water. Hawwy spies the fun going on in the tanks, and wants in. He jabs his wand into the five-foot thick glass, and it shatters like ice. Hawwy dives right in.

In the tank, Irm the Feesh spots a short, stubby like human make a small hole in the glass, and swim inside. Irm shouts “fᵣₑₑdₒₘ!” and all of her feesh friends answer the call, swimming in masses toward the hole.

Hawwy is suddenly facing a feesh army. He turns around to escape and jumps out of the hole. Seconds later, the feesh start streaming out of the hole. Some of the transforming fish grow legs and hands, and go walking away. There is screaming as people see the feesh streaming out of the hole in the tank. Irm the Feesh comes out and bows at Hawwy. “ₜₕₐₙₖ yₒᵤ fₒᵣ yₒᵤᵣ ₕₑₗₚ!” Irm gurgles, and then walks away, a free feesh. Alehandro comes flying around the corner, running as fast as his Russian legs can carry him. He quickly restrains a surprised Hawwy and leads him off to the police escort awaiting him outside. Hawwy grunts as he is thrown into the police car. Again?!


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