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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Maleb Cadix goes Skydiving.

Maleb jumped into the propeller plane. The whole thing bounced as his feet touched the ground of the airplane. Maleb’s dad, Madt, jumped in after him. The pilot in the front of the plane was writing off something on a notepad. “LET’S GO!” Maleb screamed into the pilot’s ear. The pilot, Erb, jumped in his seat, turning around. “I still have to check if we have enough fuel for the trip!” He protested.

“YOU CAN CHECK IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH FUEL AFTER OUR TRIP!” Caleb screamed again. Erb was about to call the airport security guards to escort these wild people off his plane when a huge hand clapped down on his shoulder. “Are you obeying the orders of my son?” The voice was deep and demanding. Erb slowly looked up, gulping as he took in the enormity of Maleb’s dad, Madt. Bulging muscles threated to snap his thin neck. “We will take off right away sir!” Erb stuttered.

Erb started the plane, and Caleb and Madt hooted in excitement as the plane taxied to the runway. “Please buckle in!” Erb called to the cabin, looking back. Maleb and his dad were hanging their feet out of the open door of the plane. Erb shrugged. The sooner he got rid of these idiots, the better. The plane zoomed forward, and Maleb shrieked with horror as he was almost thrown out of the window. Luckily, Madt grabbed his hand and yanked him back into the cabin. Erb cackled. Almost!

15 minutes later, the plane was circling over a medium sized lake, 25,000 feet up in the air. “It’s time for you do jump!” Erb called back. Maleb screamed. “FINALLY!” He jumped out of the open door of the plane without hesitating. If he had only looked down for a second, he would have seen the lake and known that Erb was trying to rid the world of Maleb. Madt jumped right after Maleb. “WOOOO!” There was a loud shrieking sound as Maleb plummeted toward the water. He didn’t even know he was over water. Maleb tried to maneuver in the air, but he couldn’t. “HEY POPS! WHEN DO WE PULL THE PARACHUTES?” Maleb shouted. His “pops” was busy looking for the strap to pull on his back. But there were no straps. In fact, Madt wasn’t even carrying the backpack parachute. Madt looked up, sorrow in his eyes. He would never again see Maleb take over the family business. Madt saluted before he hit the water. Maleb screamed his pain and agony, and after a few seconds of grief, looked at his back. Maleb was expecting the same fate as his father, but he was lucky. Maleb pulled the parachute cord, and a huge rectangular strip of plastic cloth shot into the air above him. Two straps fell for him to turn the parachute if he wanted.

Seconds later, Maleb finally realized that he was doomed. The pilot had dropped them over a lake! Maleb might as well die in honor like his father. He shimmied out of the parachute straps and jumped out. His body hit the water at an astonishing 350 mph. He didn’t survive.


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