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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

The Adventures of Mike, Nike, and Bike

                Once upon a time there were three brothers named Mike, Nike, and Bike. They lived inside a small cottage in a forest in Germany with their only relative, Gandmamaso. She was so old her skin looked and sounded like crackly paper. Gandmamaso also enjoyed slurping down immense amounts of milk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

                One day the three brothers came out of their rooms in the cottage. Mike, the smart one of the three, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. “Wahh?” He mumbled as he stumbled into the living room. Gandmamaso had a huge wooden spoon and was stirring a huge cauldron filled with a thick, pasty white liquid. “What’s that?” Billy asked. Gandmamaso turned, her yellow eyes shining in the morning light. “It’s the purest form of milk, Grade A milk!” She cackled. Billy gasped with surprise. Grade A milk was the most precious nurtient on earth. Just as Gandmamaso was lifting the wooden spoon to drink, a great brown bear crashed through the glass window and quickly gobbled Gandmamaso up. Gandmamaso went down without a fight. Then the bear turned to the cauldron and gulped down the precious Grade A milk, a liquid capable of turning any living being immortal.

                “Quickly! Get the bear trap!” Mike shouted back to his brothers. Bike quickly scampered into his room and fetched a small wooden box. He wound back and hurled the mouse trap at the bear. “You idiot! What is that going to do?!” cried Mike. Nike, who had been staring at the whole scene open-mouthed, saw what was happening. He realized what he had to do. Nike leaped at the bear, but before he could inflict any sort of damage, the bear opened its jaw wide and swallowed Nike whole. “Your sacrifice will not go in vain, brother!” Mike cried sadly. He pulled out a shotgun he had been carrying in his pocket and took aim. He fired, and the bear fell over, dead. Mike and Bike rushed over and wept over their dead relatives.

                Suddenly, as fast as lightning, the bear leaped to its feet. Mike realized his mistake. The bear was immortal! The bear grabbed its two snacks and quickly devoured them. The world would never see the family again.


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