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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Linebacker goes to Hoover Dam

                Heyme growled as he jumped onto the tour bus. The driver held out his hand for the fee, but Heyme ignored it and instead walked to the back of the bus. “Hey! You got to pay me to drive you!” The bus driver turned around and shouted at Heyme. Heyme turned slowly, his huge linebacker shoulder ready to slam. The bus driver saw what Heyme was about to do and abruptly stopped. “U-uh, n-never mind!”. Heyme grinned through his football equipment. Sometimes, being a Linebacker was good.

                The bus quietly rumbled to life and sped down the highway. Heyme slowly backed down the aisle, keeping an eye out for a empty seat. He finally spotted one. There was an old woman with a cane slowly backing into it. Heyme rushed forward, shoving the old woman onto the floor and taking his rightful place on his throne.

                Thirty minutes later, the tour bus arrived at the huge structure called Hoover Dam. Heyme gasped with surprise. He leaped from his seat and Linebackered his way to the front of the bus. He leaped out of the opening doors, breaking glass and metal. Heyme gaped up at the structure. Nothing could be that big, it was impossible! Heyme revved up. “Line, Line, LINE, LINE!!” His crushing power increasing by several tons each “Line”. Heyme went flying through the air, going several thousand miles an hour. He smashed into the bottom foundation of the Hoover dam. There was a bone crunching SNAP as Heyme went flying backwards, 78% of all the bones in his body had ben fractured.  Heyme cried out. “MOMMA! SULLY SLAMMED THE DOOR ON MY SHOULDER!” He clapped a huge hand on his perfectly fine eye and sobbed.

                Heyme’s extreme regenerative powers kicked in suddenly, and his bones began to piece each other together, fifty times stronger than they last were. Heyme wound back again and slammed into the dam. This time, the dam shook and trembled. The people on the tour cried and started running back to the bus. Heyme’s alter ego, Linebacker, was taking over. Linebacker backed up and slammed into the enormous structure again. There was a loud rumbling sound as the Hoover Dam began to fall. Millions of tons of water and cement crashed onto Heyme/Linebacker. Its save to say that Heyme did not survive.


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