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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Irm the Feesh goes to Costco

      Irm the Feesh gurgled as she was ejected out of the toilet and water splashed everywhere. The toilet network truly was an amazing thing, connecting Irm’s homeland Atlantis to Topside, the human’s domain.  A man using the toilet right next to Irm screamed as he witnessed the Feesh flopping toward the door. Irm walked outside the bathroom and into a gigantic building. A small child pointed at Irm and cried “Mommy look a fish!”. A smile spread across Irm’s face. “Yes, yes, topsider, think what you want.” Irm flopped away to the food aisle, leaving a slippery trail of water behind.

                Irm the Feesh slid down the frozen food aisle. Irm’s eyes widened in shock. “My comrades!” She rushed toward a glass box filled with ice. Inside the ice lay about a dozen crabs, which were frozen solid. “Don’t worry, those disgusting topsiders will pay!” A nasty smile appeared on Irm’s face, until she looked to the right and spotted another class box. Inside of the ice were a dozen frozen fish. Irm howled in agony and rushed toward her family. “My family!” Irm cried, kneeling in tribute. Irm slowly got to her feet and pulled a remote out of her Feeshy Pocket™. She pressed the gigantic red button in the middle. Suddenly, there was a crash and the whole building shook. With a huge ripping sound, the entire roof was peeled off like an orange. There was a tinny cackling sound, followed by the screaming of Topsiders. “My friend! Avenge my family!” Irm cried. There was a loud CRACK, then a short little boy with ratty black hair and orange pajamas appeared in front of Irm. It was Hawwy.


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