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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Heyme the Hutt

                Heyme yowled as a slight breeze completed shattered his 2nd and 4th vertebrae. He collapsed to the ground, groaning and writhing like a decapitated snake. Heyme shirked like a dying mongoose, calling the police and whoever had witnessed his murder. Heyme’s acting skills were legendary in these parts of the world. Heyme pointed a random person on the street who was walking his cat. “He did it!” Heyme stopped sobbing long enough to speak though a waterfall of tears.

                Heyme painstakingly got to his feet, struggling to keep his back from cracking in half. Heyme revved up, going into Linebacker mode. “Line, LLine, LINEBACKER!” He screamed, barreling toward the old man. Just before Heyme came into contact with the old man walking his dog, Heyme tripped over a loose rock on the pavement. He fell to the ground, again shattered half of the bones in his back. The old man, who was just about to be flatted to a grease stain, released his dog’s leash and rushed over. “Somebody called an ambulance!” He shouted over Heyme’s ear shattering cries of pain.     

                A couple minutes later, Heyme was being loaded onto a stretcher. The ambulance driver sped off toward the hospital, a Heyme a tow. The doctors inside of the ambulance furious checked to see what Heyme had broken, but there wasn’t a scratch on his skin. Heyme started gasping like a fish out of water, clutching his chest like he was having a seizure. Billio Jimmio Hillio the 3rd, the main doctor, rushed to the wall of equipment, pulling out a defibrillator. He rubbed them together and upped the voltage to max. Billio Jimmio Hillio the 3rd pressed the charged defibrillator to Heyme. Electricity surged through Heyme’s body. “Gawou does not die!” Heyme cried. He leaped from the stretcher and into the air, somehow flying out of the ambulance roof. Lighting course outside of Heyme’s body, keeping him stationary twenty feet above the highway. Heyme grabbed his mouth, spat blood onto the pavement, and cracked his jaw back into place. “I am Michael Vey!” He shouted. Heyme concentrated and splayed his fingers to make a “C”. Pure white energy burst from his fingertips, blasting the nearest car into the air. Heyme watched as it sailed straight up and disappeared into the clouds.

                Heyme fell to the ground, cracking the pavement in half. He threw off his clothes, until he was standing in just his My Little Pony underwear.  Heyme went into a pirouette, spinning like his was a pro ballerina. He did a little dance across the highway. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a car came careening into Heyme. This time for real, Heyme shrieked as all of in bones splintered into a million pieces. The limp body of Heyme smashed into the curb. Even though Heyme hero, Gawou, was invinsible, Heyme was not.


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