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Sully – 2022

Maleb Caddix breaks out of prison

                It was approximately 1:15 AM at Chicago State Prison for the Extremely Dangerous Person, Madt Caddix could tell the time just by the angle of the shadow the yellow fluorescent lights cast.   Maleb, Madt Caddix’s son, was curled up on the hard cot in his prison cell. Madt was hold onto to the cell bars, trying to see the pattern of the prison guards. A prison escape plan was flowing through was little brain cells Madt possessed. Maleb snorted and leapt to his feet, screaming. “WHhhhhats upp!” Madt clamped a huge hand over Maleb’s pasty lips. “Shut your mouth, son!”

                It was too late. Shimeytoe, the prison guard assigned to Phalanx 35, rushed over to the cell. “Prisoners awake after hours!”. Fifteen security guards crowded around Maleb and Madt’s cell. They began shouting insults and Maleb and Madt. “You’ll never get a good night’s rest!” shouted one guard. Shimeytoe glared at him. Madt’s face grew redder and more purple each time the guards insulted him. “Shut your mouth, maggots!” Madt croaked, his face a beet red. He grabbed Maleb’s prison uniform, and holding his son like a battering ram, smashed Maleb’s large beluga head into the steel bars. The bars gave out under the beluga head and shattered. Maleb issued a war cry and leaped over the dazed guards. Maleb sped after him, screaming like a deranged monkey.

                 Maleb rammed into each cell they passed, freeing the prisoners contained in them. The narrow hallway amplified the shouting and screaming of the prisoners, which echoing onto the dark street. Maleb and Madt broke through the glass reception office doors, finally out of the prison. Near the stoplight at the end of the street came the telltale sound of police cars. Madt grabbed Maleb around the throat and held him by the neck. The police car came crashing a trash can, stopping right before hitting the duo. A chubby cop stepped out of the door, his nervous face covered in donut frosting. “P-p-pput t-the c-child d-down!” stammered the cop, trembling as he pulled out a pistol. Foam was splattered across Maleb’s pasty lips, he couldn’t get enough air. Maleb began to have a seizure, shaking and trembling like a wild animal. Madt didn’t even care. Madt hurled the beluga headed child toward the cop, and Maleb bowled the 350-pound man down. Madt grabbed his recovering son and threw him into the backseat of the police cruiser. Maleb screamed with excitement. Madt changed the gear and slammed his chain bound foot on the gas pedal. The car zoomed forward. There was a enormous BUMP followed by a shrill scream. Madt’s balding head hit the car roof. Maleb looked out of the window. “That’s right dad! Run over the cop again!” Madt yelled like a maniac as they swerved onto the freeway. Maleb leaned forward and turned on the radio. A rap beat blasted Maleb back into his seat. Pretty soon, a dozen police cars were trailing the criminals. What would they do?


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