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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Hot Tea

Nothing like a cuppa hot tea. You have a bad cut? Drink some Hot Tea, and the would will heal. Head severed from neck? Hot tea is the thing you want to drink, if you can manage to consume it.

Yatimae calls to her slave, the one her brothers call Mommy.

“Want hot tea!” Yatimae demands. She pounds on the bedroom door, trying to get out. Finally, Mommy listens. “You nasty baby! I’ll get this hot tea.”

Yatimae’s servant warms up the pot of water, and puts some tea bags it in. The delicious aroma of boiling leaves in water hypnotizes Yatimae. The tea is ready. Yatimae’s servant pours the hot tea into Yatimae’s spill-proof cup. “There goes your tea, happy?”

But Yatimae is not fooled. “Sugar! Want Sugar!” Yatimae’s mother groans.



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