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Sully – 2022

Dullman and Saud, the introduction

                Dullman and Saud were vicious pack of wild mud beluga head children. They loved slurping down large amounts of mud, which they claimed healed any wound. Was your head hanging on by a single flap of skin? Slap some mud on it, and within seconds, your neck would be completely repaired.

                Dullman and Saud lived out in the country of Ruerto Pico, far away from any civilization, with their three beluga head siblings, Jamal (which means camel in Arabic), Marram, and little brother Qad. Jamal was 15% Geel and cared more about her hair than her own life. Marram was Jamal’s younger sister but was only 5% Geel. Dullman and Saud’s mother was a nurse and prevented her wild children from killing each other.

                Dullman was quite rambunctious, with a deep manly voice, despite his scrawny frame. On top of his body sat a head so huge it looked almost cartoonish. His large forehead jutted out of his head. The reason for its largeness was because of the tracker imbedded inside; Their mother made sure she knew every precise location that Dullman went. Saud was almost an exact copy of Dullman, except his body was a little smaller, and he had a less manly voice.

                The family of beluga heads lived in an enormous house, surrounded by dirt and trees. Where there was supposed to be grass, dirt took its place. There was a small chicken coop in their backyard. When the siblings needed mud, all they had to do was splash some water in the yard, mix it up with a stick, and gulp it down.

                Dullman and Saud lived an adventurous life. They enjoyed terrorizing people, both in the wilderness and out. When the twins went to a mall, their mother had to use chain restraints to keep them from running away. In fact, if you looked up “Wild” on Wikipedia, you would see a picture of the ravenous twins.


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