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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Heymei the Hutt

                It was approximately 4:59 am. Heymei snoozed loudly in the bottom bed of the bunk, holding a large brown teddy bear, and wearing a Christmas-like sleeping cap. He was wearing nothing except his signature blue sweat shorts. When his parents had first purchased the wooden bunk bed, it had been sparkling clean, not a single speck of dust in sight. Now, Heymei’s part of the bunk appeared more like a swamp than a place to sleep. Clothes, wild plants, and random objects lay scattered both inside the bed and out. The dresser than Heymei and his other brothers used was absolutely atrocious. The three boys each had a drawer. Heymei had the bottom, Udres had the middle, and Sully had the top. Even if you didn’t know who owned the bottom drawers, it was easy to tell who had it. Garbage spilled out of Heymei’s drawer like it was regurgitating, which it probably was.

                Suddenly, like a sonic blast, a loud call burst road. It was the garbage truck blasting music, coming down the street. Heymei snarled, and his yellow eyes opened. The goat-like pupils slowly expanded to the size of slits. Heymei leaped through the window to his room and out onto the street. The garbage men were dancing to a bassy tune while they flung trash into the garbage truck. Heymei’s Linebacker mode kicked in. His slumped right shoulder grew until it was the size of a small car. His wobbly legs got even skinnier, and his neck shrunk until it was gone.          

                The garbage men were at Heymei’s house now. They started in horror as Linebacker revved up his Linebacker engines and sped toward the garbage truck. He leaped like a ballerina into the compacter and collided with the hard metal sides. The garbage compacter, sensing that an object had entered its crushing area, beeped as its side contracted, squishing Linebacker and everything around. Linebacker shrieked as the compacter shuddered and tried to push Linebacker’s ramming shoulder. Then, with the sound of a gunshot, his prized Linebacker shoulder snapped in two, and the compacter slowly continued to crush everything inside of it, Linebacker included. Linebackers screams were slow and agonizing. The garbage men had witnessed the death of a legendary creature, the famed Linebacker.  

                At the waste processing plant across town, the cube of condensed waste containing Linebacker was emptied out of the garbage truck and onto a large landfill. Linebacker’s body and everything around him would be decomposed over a period of a hundred years, and when it finally turned to dirt, Linebacker would be part of the earth.  


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