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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Sniffin’ Fish

                Arm was a Feesh. A rather greenish one, with a large, beluga head, and eyes the size of garbage lids. Instead of a tail like any other fish, Feesh had two legs, with frog-like flippers for feet. Arm’s fins were roughly the same length as a human arm, with five, thin fingers at the end. The Feesh lived under the sea, in one of the many secret Feesh colonies, known as Atlantis. Atlantis was a high-tech city built by the Feesh. It was surrounded by a dome of mirrors, so that when diving humans looks anywhere near, they wouldn’t be able to see the tall, looming buildings, and paved streets. Instead of cars, Feesh used electric powered vehicles, propelled through the water as fast as an Feesh when encountered with a Sushi Knife. The race of Feesh were highly sophisticated creatures, several millenniums ahead of the humans with their technology. Time machine? The Feesh babies played with them like plastic rattles.

                When she wanted to come out of the water, Arm had to wear a high-tech Feesh contraption, which turned air to water. Arm enjoyed starting brawls, ranging from small skirmishes to full on fire fights. About half of the world’s largest human wars had been caused by the troublesome Feesh.

                One sunny day down in Atlantis’s city square, a fight was about to break loose. Arm had parked her Feesh-cycle outside of the large supermarket, where everything ranging from Swedish Humans to seaweed was sold. Arm had been surrounded by a Feesh gang as soon as she had gotten out of her car. They were back for revenge, for what happened when Arm had “accidentally” skewered one of their gang-members with a feared Sushi Knife. Arm raised her fins in the water as Krusty, the gang leader, approached her, holding a stolen electric zapper, lethal when used in the water. Everyone in a five-foot radius from the zapper would instantly be boiled when the trigger was pressed. Krusty smiled, his crusty lips stretching like a rubber band. “So, would you like to go the easy way, or the hard way?” Krusty beckoned with his hand, and Blubbly, his sidekick, came forward, holding a Sushi Knife out like it was made out of glass.

                The entire gang started chuckling to themselves. One muscly Feesh, with a tattoo on his bicep that read “I love my Mama” laughed so hard he chocked on water.

                Arm opened her lips. “Did you know that Blubbly said you smelled like rotting seaweed?” Instantly, the gang members shushed. Everyone stared at Blubbly, who looked terrified. His normally greenish skin had turned pale yellow with fear.  Krusty turned to face Bubbly. “I swear Krusty! I didn’t! I didn’t!” Krusty slowly turned back to Arm. “Is that true?” he asked, smacking the taser on his fin.  

                “Yes! He even said that you are fatter than a jellyfish!” Arm was spewing gossip now, like an air-hose that hadn’t been turned off. “and everyone here thinks so also!” Arm’s mouth, which almost always gotten her in a near-death situation, was now saving the Feesh’s life. Krusty raised the taser toward Bubbly and the rest of the gang and pressed the trigger. The sound of frying Feesh filled the air, and the electrocuted Feesh floated upwards. The Sushi Knife that Blubbly had been holding careful spun like a boomerang towards Krusty. There was a horrible sound, like bones cracking, and Arm bubbled with laughter, and turned. She could continue her day.  


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