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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Sensei Shihan celebrates Thanksgiving

                Sensei Shihan stood in the middle of the farmyard, dressed in his perfectly white karate uniform, known as a Gi. His balding head sprouted a few hairs, and they fluttered in the small breeze. It was Thursday, the day of Thanksgiving. Sensei Shihan didn’t know why people celebrated this certain day, but he was definitely going to join the party.           

                Sensei Shihan’s opponent, a wild turkey, stood right in front of him. Sensei Shihan had insisted on meeting the turkey alive. It wasn’t fun fighting an already dead bird. The turkey was gobbling like a goose, and its feathers ruffled in the wind. It was huge, reaching Sensei Shihan’s chest with no problem. Then again, Sensei Shihan was shorter than most 4-year-olds.  Sensei Shihan was on a quest. He had to assassinate the turkey. It shouldn’t be too hard if he had a black belt in karate. The turkey suddenly stopped moving and making noise. Its long neck stopping wiggling, and it snapped into a perfect bow. Sensei Shihan tilted his head forward in respect, and immediately jumped into his fighting stance.

                Before Sensei Shihan could strike with his signature Tiger Punches, a combination of deadly fast blows, the turkey was on top of him, flapping its useless wings and causing quite a distraction. Sensei Shihan shrieked in pain as the turkey’s clawed feet dug into his eyes, blinding him. He waved his arms around wildly and heard a satisfying THUMP as his hand came into contact with the turkey’s neck. He gripped the turkey’s collar, and with his other hand, squeezed. The turkey started choking like it was trying to swallow a large object. His face, which was covered in blood from his eye wound, morphed into a gruesome grin.

                “You’ll make a nice dinner, little birdy!”.

                The turkey fell to the ground limply, dead. Sensei Shihan crowed like a sparrow and did a little dance around the body. In his blindness, he stumbled over a large roll of hay and accidentally stepped on the head of a spade, launching a large rock into the air. Sensei Shihan sensed that something was wrong, seconds before the boulder smashed into his skull. With a cry that sounded rather like the dying turkey, the great Sensei Shihan fell to the ground beside the turkey, dead, a large dent in his head.







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