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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Dullman and Saud don’t get their mud

Dullman and Saud’s mother needed to stock up on mud power. The two twins would use up the fifty-pound bag of dirt over the course of five days, and when they ran out, the children got even more rowdy than they usually were.

Home Depot’s bags of dirt were quite expensive. They didn’t need horse manure, just regular old soil. Luckily for the People of the Mud, Costco, the wholesale store, was nearby. The whole family piled into their annoyingly neon turquoise van, with the words “M-D-U” splattered on the side. Whoever had done the paintjob clearly didn’t know how to spell MUD. The mud-infused gasoline gave the car an enormous speed boost. It could go from 1-60 mph in just three seconds, but they had to keep under the speed limit; the family didn’t need another encounter with the police.               

As the van veered into traffic, Dullman rattled his restrains. His red bulging eyes were the result of mud withdrawal. To get the wild children into the car, their mother had to shoot them with tranquilizer darts.

Fifteen minutes later, the family car parked in the large parking lot of the superstore. Dullman and Saud were fast asleep, having been hit by more tranq darts.

The twin’s mother, Macken, rushed out of the car. Jamala and Lookman, the other two children, protested, but Macken couldn’t let the two dangerous twins into the store.

Lookman curiously poked Dullman in the eyelid. Dullman groaned, and drool splashed onto Lookman’s face. Lookman promptly screamed in disgust. Dullman’s eyes fluttered open, and their redness turned purple.

“M U D !    M U D !    I    W A N T    M U D !”

Jamala screamed in fear as Dullman’s restraints trembled, rocking the whole car back and forth. Saud woke up as Dullman’s shrieks turned up a notch.

“M U D !     M U D !    W E    W A N T    M U D!”

The twins bellowed as one. Luckily, Jamal and Lookman had escaped before the glass windows of the car could vaporize.  

Before Dullman and Saud could break their harnesses, Macken arrived on the scene. As fast as a chef at a fast-food restaurant, she poured filled a glass with water, mixed in some wholesale dirt, and took aim at Dullman’s gaping maw. With a quick prayer, Macken chucked the mud mixture into the wild child’s mouth.

There was a small tinkle as the glass broke, but Dullman had swallowed the mud. As fast as lightning, Dullman quieted down. Macken mixed up another batch of mud and aimed at Saud. He went quiet as well.

Tragedy was avoided.


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