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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Maleb goes to the zoo

                Maleb screamed in delight from the backseat of the car as his father, Madt, pulled into St. Juts Zoo. “Let’s go dad! I’m not average! I’M A SAVAGE!”

                Without looking, Madt reached back from the driver’s seat and grabbed his son’s neck with his huge hand, tightened his grip. “Shut your mouth son, you don’t want to be on the FBI’s radar again, do you?” Maleb took his dad’s advice and shut his mouth.

                The stolen electric Tesla Roaster came to a smooth stop, and Madt carefully undid the carbon fiber restraints holding back his hyper son. Maleb’s tongue licked his pasty lips, and soon as his feet touched the ground, he took off. Madt hoped the animals could calm down his son. Shaking his head in disgust, Madt put in his earbuds and turned up the volume.

                Maleb raced down the paved road to the huge zoo, spitting up smoke wherever his bare feet touched. He zoomed past a cage with a huge gorilla and skidded to a stop. The gorilla lumbered forward and yanked on the bars, making a strange sound. Maleb cocked his head and imitated the gorilla’s stance. He dragged his knuckles on the floor, and squatted down, hooting like a bird. The gorilla did not like being made fun of by this small human child. It backed up slowly, roared, and raced forward, swinging its fists. With a huge CRACK the metal bars of the cage snapped in two, and the gorilla stared in surprise at its freedom.

                Maleb suddenly stopped, looking at the gorilla outside of its cage. The gorilla looked up at Maleb, and snapped, swiping out a huge paw. Maleb shrieked and ducked as the gorilla’s hand whizzed past his head, shaving off a little hair. Maleb took off, screaming in fright. He looked behind him as the gorilla starting plodding after him. He passed an old woman hobbling along on her cane, and rushed straight into her, knocking the cane askew. The woman tripped into the ground, breaking at least thirty bones in the process. “Help, somebody help me…” The woman croaked, reached out a bony hand, but nobody was around to help. Maleb curiously got to his feet and examined the wooden cane. He brought it down hard on his own head and bellowed in pain as the sharp, metal spike at the bottom of the cane pierced his skull.

                With blood running down his head, Maleb stumbled into a desert-like area. He took a look around, his vision spattered with body fluid. There was a large rock jutting out of the desert-like floor, it appeared to have two large forms sitting on it. Maleb walked forward, holding his wooden cane up like a sword.

                Madt jogged past the enclosure and stared as he spotted his son wondering into the lion den. Madt stopped and yelled, waving his hands in the air, trying to attract his son’s attention, but it was too late. With a loud roar, the two lions leaped down from their sunning spot and sniffed Maleb, slowly revolving around him. They smelled blood. The idiotic child reached out, trying to pet the kitty.

                Suddenly, the second lion pounced on Maleb. Maleb screamed like a stuck pig as the lion bit him in two. The two lions shared the mangled remains of Maleb’s bloody body.

                It is safe to say, Maleb did not survive the incident.


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