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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

The last icebender

Aang stood on top of the stone castle’s turret, dancing.

                The ancient art of Wuju dancing was the most powerful form of magic in the kingdom. With enough practice, you would wield magic powerful enough to reduce the earth to a couple of atoms.            Aang was a skinny nine-year old child. His bald head shone in the winter sun, and there was a blue arrow painted down the length of his large cranium. Snow clouds covered the mountains surrounding the building, and a freezing blue ocean lay sprawling in front of the castle. Aang shivered in his thin coat and wished he had stayed inside. He waved his arms around wildly and rotated his hips.

                A small cube of ice lay on the turret in front of Aang. He was trying, with all of his power, to lift it into the air. From the stairs, he heard footstep. Aang quickly stopped his shameful dance and hid the ice cube down his coat. It was the castle’s janitor. He was out of breath and panting hard, water dripping from his boots and freezing to ice on the floor. From downstairs, Aang could hear the faint cries of screaming, and a strange gurgling noise. “Aang! You’re making all of the toilets downstairs overflow!” Aang scratched his bald head. How come he was making all of the toilets overflow but couldn’t lift a puny ice cube?

                Just then, Princess Katara came rushing up the stairwell. “The fire kingdom is coming! Run for your lives!” There was a woosh, a cry of surprise, and Princess Katara slipped on the ice on the floor and went flying off of the castle’s tower. The janitor cried out and leaped off of the tower, trying to save the princess.

                Aang looked out at the sea and released a high-pitched shriek as he saw the puffs of black smoke pouring from the Fire Kingdom’s fleet of ships. They were heading straight for the Water Kindgom’s castle!

                Aang closed his eyes and concentrated. He had to stop the ships.

                He leaped onto the tower’s spire and scaled it to the top. A small, three-inch-wide plank of wood allowed Aang to carefully balance while still able to dance.  

Aang remembered that strange dance from the game fortnite he had played. Orange Justice, was it called? He stretched his legs wide and pivoted on the plank of wood. He raised his hands into the air and began dancing. Dancing like his life depended on it because it did.

                Below him, the ice cube began to rattle, and slowly rise into the air. Aang peeked his eye open and cried in surprise as he saw the cube rising into the air. He began to dance more quickly. The plank of wood he was standing on began to creak, but he didn’t notice.

                The Fire Kingdom’s ship began preparing to fire cannons. The ice-cube was now at Aang’s chest level. He threw his arms outward  and the ice-cube was hurtled through the air toward the incoming ships. Aang’s cry of triumph was cut off shortly as the wood he was standing on cracked in buckled like a twig. Aang fell the five-hundred feet to his death, his limp, lifeless body smashing against rocks on the way down. The ocean would forever be his resting place. The castle never survived against the Fire Kingdom.


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