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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Dullman and Saud go to the Zoo

It was approximately 6:00 AM in the morning.

          Jamala and Lookman, the twin’s older siblings, were at the local farm, purchasing a several 100lbs bags of dirt. Macken, the children’s mother, was sitting watch in the front of the car, holding a tranquilizer dart at the ready. She was slowly snoozing off though, it was, after all, early in the morning, and Dullman and Saud weren’t exactly sound sleepers.

                Dullman’s eyes fluttered open. He took one glance at Macken and realized that he was free! Dullman grinned evilly and tapped in the passcode to the harness holding him in. Luckily for him, Dullman had memorized the passcode several months ago, and had been waiting for the perfect opportunity. Dullman quickly unstrapped his younger twin, Saud, and they opened the van’s sliding door, escaping into the morning light.  

                An hour later, the twins arrived at Puerto Rico National Zoo. The gates surrounding the 150-acre open-air cages are locked though. Luckily, Dullman had a head harder than diamond, and he easily smashed through. Saud gasped as he wandered over to the monkey cages. A dozen of the primal animals perch on branches, but one knuckle-walks over to examine the mud-boy. Saud imitates the monkey, dragging his hands on the ground, squatting down low, and chittering. The ape screeches angrily like a wild cat and hurls something thin and metallic at Saud’s cranium. There is a hollow THUNK as the monkey wrench smashes into Saud’s protruding head. He grunts, taking the brunt of the impact, but doesn’t fall.

                Meanwhile, toward the northern side of the zoo, Dullman hoots excitedly and leaps into the muddy cage. He rolls around in literally dirty water. Suddenly, there is a loud snort. Dullman looks up cautiously, and yelps when he sees a warthog standing over him. Dullman tries to get to his feet, but the warthog is faster. It rams into Dullman, puncturing his lungs with its sharp tusks. Dullman screams in pain, and he starts hobbling toward the cage bars. The warthog attacks again, this time putting two bloody holes in Dullman’s buttocks. Dullman wheezes in relief as he escapes the cage. He picks up a rock and tries lobbing it at the warthog, but his aim is simply terrible, and the rock bounces off of the metal cages, barely missing Dullman’s head. It sails through the air and smashes into the largest cage off all, the elephant paddock. The rock ricochets and hits the cage lock, breaking it open. The large metal door swings open.

                The effect is almost immediate. The elephants stampede out of the opening, making the ground shake like an earthquake. Dullman shrieks again, and flees, an elephant foot coming down where he was just a second ago. Dullman spots his twin about a yard away. “Run!” He shouts. Saud looks up from where he is splattering mud on his head wound. His eyes open in fear, and he too takes off. The brothers take shelter in a dark cage, and the elephant’s pass. Dullman blows out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding in. That was enough excitement for a month. Dullman is about to step out when a claw scratches his back. He slowly turns around, to face a cougar. Without hesitation, the cougar leaps forward and swallows the tiny child in one bite. Saud is next.

                The End.


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