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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Linebacker gets the Nuclear Football

Linebacker loudly heaved the rest of his lunch out onto the White House’s pristine grass lawns, groaning in pain

               He really shouldn’t have trusted the shady man selling the “bean burritos” down on Town Square.  After he finished emptying his stomach, Linebacker sullenly gazed up at the White House’s enormous form. Ever since his football friends had made the joke about the president carrying the nuclear football, Linebacker had been on an unstoppable rampage through the United States trying to find it. Here he finally was. Linebacker cackled to himself with pride, his lips curling into a grin. Nobody would be able to stop him once he got the football.

                Suddenly, the front doors to the White House opened, and a large mob of reporters, silent secret service agents, and tv crews came hurrying out, surrounding a short man with orange hair in a dark blue suit. With his hawk-like vision, Linebacker noticed that the federal agent beside him was carrying a large football-shaped bag. Linebacker smiled again and though The world would be his for the taking!

                With a loud snort, Linebacker jumped into his ramming position, with his buff, linebacker shoulder pointed toward his target.           

                “line. LINE. LINEEEBACKERRR!!”

                Where Linebacker had been just a millisecond before, there was nothing but smoke and the smell of beans and ozone. The grass parted and a trail of smoke followed as the distorted blurred form of Linebacker shot toward the president’s aide. In just a second, Linebacker had traveled from the started of the White House’s lawns to the White House itself, a feat only achieved only before by Komik Reader when presented with words.

                Linebacker hit the president first, sending the orangish man flying into the marble walls and shattering every bone in his body when he smashed into the pavement. The crowds of tv crew screamed and fled, but the idiotic ones stayed and started to record the scene. Linebacker skidded to a halt and grabbed the man carrying the football by the neck, wiggling it ferociously. “Gimme the football! Where is it?” Linebacker demanded in a gruff, deep voice. The president’s aide widened his eyes in fright. This had been the creature that had been terrorizing cities across the United States! He let out a shrill shriek, but Linebacker shook the man again. There was a sharp SNAP, and the man slumped in Linebacker’s grip, his spine crushed in two. Linebacker tossed the limp body into the lawn and grabbed the football-like bag that had fell to the ground, cackling.

                He opened the bag and pulled out the contents. Linebacker’s happy face turned grim and dark when he pulled out a small metal package. This wasn’t a football. He cracked the package in two, seeing only a big red button in the center. He flung the package to the ground and stepped on it, pressing down the red button.

                “WHERE IS THE FOOTBALL?!” Linebacker demanded, grabbing the closest tv crewman. Immediately, sirens blared. The sky turned a reddish color as the nuclear payloads came speeding down. Linebacker looked up too late. He saw the three nuclear missile streaking through the sky, heading toward the button’s signal. There were seconds to live. Linebacker turned, streaking down the lawn, but even Linebacker, as fast as he was, couldn’t outrun a nuclear blast. His vision turned white, and everything within the 100-mile radius was instantly obliterated. Linebacker did not survive.


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