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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022



It was late in the morning on Isla Arena, an island off of the coast of Puerto Rico. A large lab had been set up right in the middle of the fifteen-mile stretch of lush jungle. Once you passed through the double sealed airlock, you would be greeted by a large cage with a small desk set about five feet away from it. Several microscopes, platters of unknown substances, and laptop sat on the desk. Inside of the cage lurked ‘Addysaurus. The ‘Addysaurus was a medium sized raptor, six-feet in height, and a tail longer than a human and a half. Its camouflaged skin blended well in any environment, from a jungle to a desert.

                The door to the laboratory opened, and a short, squat man with small spectacles holding a mountain of folders came through, pushing the last airlock closed with his chunky backside. The airlock swung shut, but the lock blocked its path, stopping it from closing fully. The man was Benjamin Loore, the 34-year-old scientist who had created the ‘Addysaurus. Even though his form was huge, Loore was sharper than the end of a baboon’s scratching stick. Loore dumped the papers on his cluttered desk and sighed, wiping nonexistent sweat from his forehead. “Hey, ‘Addy!” Loore called to the dark cage. He flipped on a few switches on the wall, and huge luminescence bulbs flickered on, casting an evil shadow on the snout of the ‘Addysaurus. ‘Addy’s eyes were closed, but Loore wasn’t fooled; he knew ‘Addy was waiting for him to stick his hand into the cage. If Loore did that, it would be the end. Raptors are one of the smartest creatures to have ever walked the earth.

                ‘Addy grabbed something in his pocket and flicked it into the cage. “Here ‘Addy,” he called. It was a rubber mouse. The toy squeaked and bounced off of ‘Addy nose. ‘Addy wasn’t amused, and he snarled, rattling the cage lock. Loore looked down to find the padlock and was horrified to find that it had been scratched off. The lock lay inside of the cage, one of the ‘Addysaurus’s claws resting on it.  Loore turned to flee, but the ‘Addysaurus was faster. It was up like a flash of lighting. It banged the cage door open with its large tail and snatched Loore up by the large, sagging jeans. Loore whimpered, real sweat now pouring down his face. “N-n-nice d-dino,” he stuttered, raising up his hand. Then, with a sound similar to a trash-bag going down a garbage chute, Loore was flipped upside-down and bit in two, the lower part of his bloody, beaten body hanging from between ‘Addy’s razor-like teeth. Loore didn’t even have time to scream. The ‘Addysaurus chewed slowly, savoring the taste of the large human.


‘Addy hiccuped, and burped. The rest of the body disappeared, leaving nothing but a small blood splatter on the floor. The raptor roared with excitement and flicked open the unclosed airlock door with its long tail. It ran into the jungle, free from human grasp.


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