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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Dullman and Saud go to the mall

                Dullman groaned in pain as Macken whacked him with a long, thin, metal bar. Saud cried for his brother, feeling the sting on his buttocks as if he had been hit too. “Don’t-“ SMACK “You-“ SMACK “Ever-“ SMACK “Run off-“ SMACK “Again!” SMACK

                Macken growled into Dullman’s ear, punctuating each word with a large blow to Dullman’s posterior. Dullman’s rage grew as Macken disciplined him. Finally, like a twig under an elephant’s foot, he snapped. Macken screamed as Dullman’s eyes turned red and he snatched the metal bar out of Macken’s grip. He raised it into the air and brought it down hard on his own mother’s rear end. Then, he and his brother catapulted over the metal bars which were designed to hold in wild children.

                Dullman crashed out of the van’s sliding doors, glass windows shattering behind him. He gasped in sheer excitement. They were parked right in front of a humongous building, with a large parking lot surrounding it. The lot was filled to the brim with all sorts of cars. He tried to decipher the large words printed on the side of the building, but it would’ve taken all day. They read “Plaza Las Americas”. This was the biggest shopping mall in Puerto Rico. His reading lessons weren’t getting him anywhere, apparently.

                From the car came a groan from Macken, and Dullman looked at his brother. “Escape! We escape!” Saud giggled insanely, and the brothers sped off toward the mall, dodging speeding cars. As the honking ensued, Dullman sped headlong into the glass rotating doors that greeted people into Plaza las Americas. He didn’t have time to go through it. He bulbous beluga head absorbed all of the impact. He shook off the shock, shaking his head, and Saud jumped through the hole in the glass. They gazed up at a smooth glass ceiling. Saud looked at Dullman and grinned. “Thinking what I thunk?” Dullman grinned as well. He rummaged in his pocket and pulled out a large sharp rock. He heaved it up, but it was very heavy. It fell, hitting Saud’s head. Saud toppled to the floor, knocked unconscious, but the rock sailed into the air, nearing the glass ceiling. Dullman hooted as the rock touched the ceiling. Immediately, cracks spread around the glass ceiling, covering it completely. Dullman blew through his blubbery lips, and the glass cracked, falling to the floor in a shower of dangerous shards as large as a small truck. They killed several people.


Dullman was shunted from his bliss of chaos and misery as a buff Russian security guard came running around the corner. “oh no!” Dullman grunted. The security had been called! He looked down at his feet, pulled a large glass shard from the floor, and flung it like a frisbee toward the Russian security guard. There was a disturbingly loud SLWIP, and the Russian’s head flopped to the floor, completely and cleanly severed from its owner’s body. Dullman cackled, and raced toward the department stores, planning more chaos as he went.


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