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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Dullman and Saud try reading class

                Dullman yipped excitedly as Saud clicked “Join Meeting”. “Chantil will be excited to teach us!” Saud thought out loud, as the zoom meeting started. Chantil was Dullman and Saud’s reading teacher. She was smart because she chose virtual classes instead of meeting in person. Nobody wanted to be anywhere within a fifteen-mile radius of the twins. Chantil grimaced as she saw the two boys. They were short, had huge, beluga heads, and were bald.

                “Chantil!” Dullman cried. “Look at my teeth!” Dullman grabbed the computer’s webcam and brought it close to his grimy, muddy lips. He opened his mouth wide, and Chantil was appalled to see three rows of moldy black ‘pearly whites’.  Chantil watched as a small fight  broke out. “Hey! Let me show my teeth!” Dullman grunted as a tiny fist flew into his stomach. He grunted in pain and fell to the floor. The screen went black and turned on a second later. It was Saud, the more violent twin. He was pummeling his brother in the chest, and blood was everywhere. Saud got up, grinned stupidly, and pushed the camera down his throat. “You see my throat?!” He shouted, the sound reverberating. Since it the microphone was in his mouth, the sound was twenty times louder. Chantil yelped as she saw the camera entering his esophagus. She covered her eyes. This was getting a little out of hand.          

                Five minutes later, and after a few technical difficulties, Chantil had finally gotten out her reading cards. “What does this say, Saud?” She asked nervously, holding up a card that read “Story”.  The twins were watching the monitor carefully. “Storee!” shouted Dullman. Saud glared at Dullman. He was trying to be on his best behavior, as Chantil would reward the best behaving one after class.

                “That’s one point for Dullman. Who can read this next one?” Chantil pulled out another card and replaced it with the old one. Saud squinted, peering at the words on the card that showed on the screen. His face lit up. “I put my foot on the floor!” he grinned and repeated it. “I PUT MY FOOT ON THE FLOOR!”

                The ground started to tremble on both ends of the zoom call. Chantil looked around. Was it another earthquake? The twins looked at each other and grinned. “I PUT MY FOOT ON THE FLOOR!” They shouted as one. They leaped from their seats, aiming their shoeless feet at the floor.

                As their feet touched the floor, the screen turned white. Chantil tapped her monitor, wondering what happened. The twins usually stayed the whole class. Chantil groaned as the whole room she was in shuddered. Everything turned white.


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