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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Sensei Shihan’s Zoom Class

                Sensei Shihan muttered curses as he tried to work the new fancy technology, his computer. He glared at the mouse. “Fancy tech!”

                After many minutes of clicking, smashing the keyboard, and accidentally opening Fortnite, Sensei Shihan finally managed to click the Zoom icon on the desktop. He grinned evilly as he began inviting all of his students to the online class.

                Since quarantine, Sensei Shihan’s “faithful” students had not been showing up for class. To Sensei Shihan, this was a disgrace. His students needed their teacher to torture teach them every day!

                The first participant to the class was “Black Bottom Leano”, as the nickname read. Leano’s video turned on, and there was a flash of black as Leano’s dirty pant bottom was shown to all. Sensei Shihan himself recoiled from disgust.

                Leano turned his camera around so it faced his living room. The next invitee was “Jigilian”, known otherwise as Jigglin’ Jigilian to the class. The video showed the rotund little girl cramming handful after handful of multicolored jellybeans down her gullet.

                Seconds later, “Brickfoot” joined the meeting. Brickfoot’s video showed a couple of bricks laying on the floor. Suddenly, there was a large WHOMP, and the bricks instantly disintegrated as a large pair of feet came stomping down. They were Brickfoot’s famous ‘brick’ feet. Brickfoot peeked down at the camera, and his craggily face filled the screen. “Hoose!”

                Then came the rest of the students, including Craiden, Sensei Miguel, and the Hackson family. Sensei Shihan laughed insanely at his student’s miserable faces. “They thought they could get away with no karate class!” He cackled to himself.

                “Uhh, Sensei Shihan? Your microphone is still on.” It was none other than the Hackson Family. Sensei Shihan recognized the voice as Silly, the Hackson’s handsome 16-year-old.

                “Who said that?” Sensei Shihan zeroed in on who was speaking. “You! Hackson Family! 500 pushups for all of you! Including the baby!”

There was a small period of silence. Then, Silly responded.

                “Haha! Nope! You can’t make us!”

                Sensei Shihan’s face filled with rage. Blood filled his veins until his whole head was purple. “SLDKHG!” Sensei Shihan was foaming at the mouth, and spittle sprayed as he gibbered to himself. Nobody had ever disobeyed his command! Sensei Shihan pinned the Hackson family’s video to his screen. They were screen sharing some silly video on youtube, and the whole class seemed to be watching, instead of paying attention to Sensei Shihan. The insane karate teacher clicked on the button “Request Remote Control” and waited for access.

                Suddenly, there was a giggle from the Hackson family. “Sensei Shihan’s tryna get remote access!”

                The whole class burst into teary laughter, and Sensei Shihan screamed with rage. He slammed down on his monitor and smashed his computer into rubble. Little did he know, that when he, the host, disconnected from the Zoom meeting, another host was automatically chosen. Back at the Hackson family house, Silly laughed with glee as he realized that he was now the new host.


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