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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Dullman and Saud go to School


Dullman screamed as a belt whipped across his bottom. Saud, Dullman’s brother, laid sobbing in a corner as Dullman was being punished.

Dullman was 8 years old, with a surprising head of no hair. Saud, them more violent twin, was also bad, and 3 times more violent than his brother.

Late last night, Dullman and Saud had snuck into the kitchen where a marvelous cake lay on the counter, 32 scrumptious layers of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, with a layer of cream cheese frosting and an ice cream filling. It was simply irresistible for the young boys. They spent all night stuffing themselves with the cake and ice cream, and were so tired and full from eating that they foolishly fell asleep on the counter.

After the duo had been caught by their mother, Macken, they had suffered a lecture and disciplining. The cake had been for Macken’s sister’s wedding, which was the following day, and now it looked like swish cheese.

“I have no choice but to send to you… TO SCHOOL!” Macken realized out loud, as she gazed upon the cake which had huge scoops dug out of it by her sons’ dirty hands. Dullman and Saud both burst into another round of tears.

“No mother! We promise we will control ourselves next time! We promise!” Dullman’s croaking voice was punctuated by sniffles.

Macken shook her head. “Get in the car, you two. I’m finished talking to you.”

Dullman and Saud whimpered nervously as Macken pulled their rusty old minivan up to Saint Montie’s Middle School. The parking lot was full of cars, and the middle school was in the center of it. It was two stories, with an outside gym, soccer field, and even a basketball area. Macken got out of the van and her twins followed reluctantly.

They walked down the brightly lit hallway, gazing through classroom windows at the children who were sitting neatly at their desks, listening to their teachers. They passed a shelf that was full of all sorts of awards, and then stopped at a door that read “Principal Strogo”.

Dullman shuddered as Macken opened the door to the principal’s office. A skinny old woman with pale skin and spectacles bigger than her hands sat at the principal’s desk, playing a game of Roblox. When the door opened, she fumbled for the keyboard, trying to exit the game. When she finally managed to close it, she turned to face Macken and the twins and smiled. The woman beamed with kindness.

“Welcome, young men. I’m sure to realize that we take your education seriously here at Saint Montie’s. You will be happy to meet with our students and faculty.”

Saud, the more violent of the twins, lunged forward, and before Macken could restrain him, chomped down on Principal Strogo’s arm.

Macken rushed forward and pried the young child from the arm of the principal, who looked taken aback. “Don’t worry children, it’s just first day jibbies, they’ll go away eventually.” The principal looked up at Macken. “I’ll take your children from here, Mrs. Jeeze.”

Wiping the drool from her arm with a napkin, the principal led the boys to their first class, Math.

To be continued in PART 2.


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