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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Injustice Man Saves the Day

Andris wasn’t the kind of boy that you would think of as a superhero. He was a stout young man, aged 13, with a visible mustache and beard, eyebrows the size of sausages, and wavy red hair. Andris resided in a deep dark hole, in an isolated island he called the “Cove of Injustice”, 20 miles off the coast of Miami. 

His huge, floppy, Dumbo-like ears could sense the slightest disturbance, and he had a hearing range of up to 500 miles. When Andris sensed that someone was being unfairly treated, he rushed to the rescue. However, Andris lacked both social skills as well as social cues. Nobody actually appreciated his presence when he came to the “Rescue”, even the person being made fun of. Andris barely talked, being scared of making fun of someone was constantly on his mind, so he communicated in a series of grunts, and rarely talked English.

It was one cloudy morning in Florida. Inside of the Cove of Injustice, Andris was playing Fortnite on his computer. To call it a computer would be a lie, this piece of equipment was a behemoth, an insult to all computers.  This piece of junk could barely run Fortnite at low graphics at a stable 30 fps. Even his internet connection was slow and cut off every 30 minutes. Living 20 miles off the coast of Miami didn’t help at all. He could call the internet company every time the internet shut down but didn’t want to insult their internet coverage area.

Suddenly, Andris received a ping on his Injustice Detector. Someone was being made fun of! Andris immediately left his computer, his character dying to storm damage in Fortnite, and leapt to his feet. He raced to his Injustice Mobile, a rocket that could transport him to wherever he needed, and in this case, it was downtown Miami.

He pressed the big red button in the rocket, and was blasted off towards his destination, the rocket traveling at over 1500 mph. In the rocket, he turned to his secret identity, Injustice Man. His costume included a spiderman costume that was 3 sizes too large. Budget cuts.

10 minutes later, Injustice Man arrived at the scene, his rocket landing in the street and causing massive mayhem as it crushed a parked car.

Injustice Man’s destination was a restaurant called Chef on the Run and the dining area was empty except for two men. It was a standoff between a strange, squat man with a tiny chef hat, who was standing over another man who appeared to be choking on some food.

Qutos, the choking man, croaked: “Your food is disgusting! What do you put in it, dog food?”

Shef’s eyes darkened. “How did you know my special ingredient?”

Qutos’s eyes bulged in their sockets, his brain not receiving enough oxygen.

Injustice Man, uninvited, strode into the restaurant room, his ears flopping around.

“Stop making fun of his food!” he mumbled at Qutos. “It’s not nice at all! Stop it!”

Qutos gasped his final breath and died.

Shef dragged the body into the back freezer, and Injustice Man left the scene, off to bring justice to the world.   


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