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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Komik Reader gets what he deserves


Komik Reader was a stout, short boy, aged 13, with a bright neon mohawk, and grisly long arms that ended in razor-like claws, which were perfect for turning the delicate pages of his Komiks.

He lived with his family in the urban area of Domestead, a rustic little town in southern Florida.

Komik Reader had five siblings, three sisters and two other brothers, who all despised his Komik ways.   Reading words? Eh! That was for Nerds! Who needed to read in Komiks anyways? They were all images and bright yellow exclamation marks!

It was one early morning in Komik Reader’s home. The little boy lay in his bed, twisting and turning in his blanket. “Eh! No!” He murmured quietly and every once in a while, a sob would escape his thin, white lips.  He was having a nightmare in which he had to take reading classes. “EWww! Let me out! Let me out!”

Komik Reader salt bolt upright in his bed, his face sheet white, trembling, with sweat drenching the sheets.

Quickly, he slipped into a pillowcase, his favorite attire, as well as knee high shorts, and then was out the house before you could say “Komiks suck”

Komik Reader shivered, recounting his dream, as we walked to Domestead public library. It was 9 am, and the library was just opened as Komik Reader entered, a blast of nice, cool air greeting him. Inside the library, a projector flashes programs onto a huge wall. The building was almost empty, except for a young, scraggy adult sitting at the reference desk, who was clearly NOT referencing, but in an intense game of Fortnite. Komik Reader ignored the virtual battle, and rushed to his comfort spot, the Comic section. He sighed in relief, being away from his Komiks drained his soul of life.

Suddenly, red lights began flashing across the library. From outside, there was a loud, piercing siren. On the projector, flashed a warning message.


Even the scraggy young adult at the reference desk, sadly left his desk, leaving his character in top #2 in Fortnite. Komik Reader, however, didn’t even budge. He was engrossed in the lately episode of One Punch. If Komik Reader could read, it might have saved his life. As the nuclear missile sped towards Domestead, Komik Reader realized his mistake. He tried running, but you can’t outrun a 50 megaton explosion.


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