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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Injustice Man’s Morning


Andris, the cameo of Injustice Man, groaned as he heard a brother in Antarctica making fun of a polar bear that had eaten the boy’s fish at 5 in the morning. He was sleeping in his bed on the 2nd floor of his family’s house, but his Justice Sense was 24/7. Andris rolled out of bed, and mentally contemplated his choices. He could fly the 5,403 miles to the polar peak, but he instead decided to start his morning. Getting dressed, Andris brushed his teeth, and gelled his thick mustache to sharp tips.   


Andris’s mother called from downstairs. “You didn’t take out the trash last night, and now there’s a raccoon!”

Andris mumbled and grumbled as he slid down the stairs, but he couldn’t break his rule of not making fun of anything. He opened the back door, and stumbled backwards, half asleep, as he saw a huge creature picking through the trash cans. It perked up when it saw the 13-year-old, but went back to eating last nights leftovers, throwing it all over the backyard. “Stop i-“

Andris cut off his wimpy shout, realizing that stopping the raccoon from eating breakfast would be making fun. Instead, he helped the vile creature find some food, and then went back inside.


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