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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Da Geels

Har Har!

                Sese and Marm, the Geels, cackled to themselves and they rolled the green playdoh in their greasy, stubby fingers. This morning, the Geels were hiding in the bathroom, even though their parents had banned them from it because they liked to turn the shower into a swamp.      

                “Hey Sese! Why don’t we put the playdoh in the sink? Har Har!” Marm suggested. A dusty, dim lightbulb lit up above Sese’s dull brain. “Yes! That is a great idea Marm!” The Geels cackled to themselves quietly and planned their scheme.

                The door of the bathroom shook. It was Heyme, the younger, more violent brother. “Let me in GEELS! I have to use the bathroom!” Marm whipped around. “Get out Heyme! Let us have privacy!” Marm quickly crammed her handful of playdoh down the sink drain and beckoned for Sese to do the same.

                After the green playdoh was successfully stuffed down the drain and up the sink faucet, the Geels rushed out of the bathroom. Heyme ran into the bathroom as they Geels came out. Marm blurted out

                “Have a good time using the sin-“

                But her slightly smarter counterpart, Sese, clamped a greasy green hand over her mouth. “Shut your mouth Marm!”

                The Geels cackled once more and scuttled into their room. Sese tried flicking on the light but realized “Oh yeah! We broke the lightbulb also!”

                From the bathroom came a tremendous roar. “WHO CLOGGED THE SINK?!” It was Heyme. The Geels looked at one another and started giggling contagiously.   

                Suddenly, Sese stood up straight. “My hair! I need my hair oil! We need to wash our hair Marm!” The Geels were held by the ancient law of the Geels. They had to wash their grimy, dirty hair every five minutes.

                Marm and Sese together rushed into the bathroom again after Heyme had finished his tirade about the clogged sink.  Sese slathered shampoo into her hair and turned on the sink to wash it out. But no water came out. Sese tried the other sink handle. Nada. Marm rushed over. “Sese! What is happening?”

 “No water is coming out Marm!”

Together, the Geels screamed as their hair started to fall off in clumps.  They fell to the floor, disintegrated and withering along away with their hair.


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