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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Read the Room

Elias burst into the living room, his eyes gleaming with a wild light. “WANNA HOP ON FORTNITE MY GUY?!”

The room immediately darkened with the mood. The three brothers, who were reading books peacefully, immediately stood up with an unearthly power. Andris, Silly, and Heyme eyes’ glazed over, and they raised their shaggy heads, eyes glowing with a red light. They clacked together their teeth, and Elias nervously backed up. Who wouldn’t?

Andris’s Fortite Fingers twitched as anger coursed through his body, and a vein on his forehead popped. He like out an eerie shriek that didn’t shatter glass, but resonated with every fear in the listener’s mind.  It was a mental attack.

“But it’s only Tuesday!”

Elias raised his hands protectively as the brothers surrounded him, towering over his tiny form. Spittle dripped from Heyme’s sharp fangs and onto Elias, ones that had grew only when he had heard the word “Fortnite”. Elias backed up skittishly, and hit the front door with his back. “U-Um, I’ll go see if I can come back on Friday!” He turned and ran out of the house.

Elias, of course, did not reside in the brothers’ house. Only a fool would gripe about playing Fortnite before Friday.


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