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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Vichel May, the electric idiot

                Vichel May is a short, stubby, greasy haired 21-year-old man. Vichel lives with his mother, Baron May, who is a 91-year-old hag. Vichel May was not an ordinary greasy haired gamer. He had electric powers. Vichel could call a lightning strike, throw a lightning ball, and even had electricity running through his body. Vichel sometimes could control his powers most of the time, but sometimes they were uncontrollable. Vichel’s powers were also very bizarre. Instead of electrocuting another person, Vichel’s electricity could only affect him. If he called a lightning strike, Vichel would be blasted by an enormous amount of voltage. If Vichel somehow managed to control his powers enough to form a lightning ball and throw it, the lightning ball would curve around and hit Vichel, releasing all of its electricity into Vichel.

                Vichel’s best friend, Boston, is  a lanky, weedy, linguini. In fact, he is so tall he has to fold himself in half three times to fit through a normal sized door. Boston like playing Minecraft.

                It was a sunny day in Maryland. Vichel is on his way to the science classroom. Suddenly, the school bully, Mackerel, pushes the books out of Vichel’s hand. “Hey!” Vichel shouts. Anger fills what little is left of his brain. Vichel raises his hand like Thor, and the air suddenly turns electric. The air smells like ozone. Mackerel is blasted back,  stunned as the lighting bolt punches right through Vichel’s body. The marble around Vichel’s feet turns completely black, and cracks in two. Vichel shudders, and falls to the ground, shaking like he is having a seizure. “Buddy!” Boston towers to Vichel’s side, folding in half again so he will not hit his head on the roof.

                “I’m okay.” Vichel stutters, a wisp of smoke rises from his head. All of the hair on Vichel’s body is gone, and Vichel looks shaken. Mackerel gets up from the floor. “What did you do?” Vichel’s anger rises again. He raises his hands to call another lightning strike no doubt, but obviously, Vichel has learned his lesson. He forms a lightning ball in his hands and lobs it at Mackerel. Mackerel shrieks as the ball of white-hot light soars toward him, but suddenly comes around, zooming back toward Vichel. Vichel screams as the lightning ball comes to contact with his skin. Vichel is blasted backwards, slamming into the row of lockers. His body turns black. Boston shakes his head. “You never learn your lesson, do you? You can’t shock other people, only yourself, idiotic child.” Boston does not even pick up Vichel’s unconscious body.


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