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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Sayse The Calorie Abolitionist

                “Yo! Too many calories!” Sayse grunted as she spooned out another 15 calories from her glass of water. “I’ll need to work off all these calories with my, BELLY FAT APP!” Sayse looked into the glass, and satisfied, took a swig out of the side of her mouth. She shuddered as she felt the calories running down her throat. “CALORIES! CALORIE OVERLOAD! TOO MUCH!” Sayse collapsed to the ground.

                Sayse’s sister, Myarm, was the opposite of a calorie abolitionist. She shoved down spoonful after spoonful of rice into her gullet. Even though Myarm was 7 years old, she could eat more food than three fully grown Rhinoceros’s. Myarm shoveled down another forkful, and half of the rice meant for her mouth spilled onto the floor. Sayse shrieked like a stuck pig as 60 calories landed on her. “Rice! 30 calories a grain! Nope nope!”

                “Myarm! Stop spilling rice all over the floor!” chided her brother, Silly, from across the table.  “I have to sweep up after you.” Myarm glared at Silly. “The floor is hungry too, you know! There is nothing wrong with sharing Myarm’s food!”

                Sayse’s father looked at Sayse and shook his head in disappointment. Ever since Sayse had been introduced to TickTock, she had been strict about the calories.  “Sayse! Eat your food, NOW!” Sayse whimpered at her father’s pirate like authority and took her bowl of rice and chicken. She could spot about 50,000 calories worth of meat, but one look at her dad stopped Sayse from discarding the extra calories. She plucked up her fork and twirled it around like a wand. She winced in pain as she poked at a piece of curry chicken and picked it up. Sayse tilted her head to the right, opened her mouth wide, and nibbled on a tiny piece of the chicken. “Yoo! Cal-“ but stopped with another glance at her dad.

                Sayse took another petite bite of chicken, as if she were in a French restaurant. She winced again as she took another miniscule bite of rice and titled her head until it touched her shoulder. She spied a glass of water sitting by Silly’s plate. It was strangely bubbling, but Sayse needed to wash down the disgusting taste of calories. She grabbed it before Silly could stop her and gulped it down. The soda fizzed down Sayse’s throat, and Silly watched as Sayse’s brain overloaded with the calories being processed. She leaped into the air and fell back down. Her limbs went out in strange angles, shuddering and shaking. It looked like Sayse wouldn’t be recovering from this calorie overdose.


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