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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Wake ‘Cup

It was 4:30 AM. The sun was still rising, but it was as dark as night.

                ‘Addy burst into the boy’s room with a spray bottle in each hand. The spray bottles were filled with ice cold water. ‘Addy stomped over to the light and flicked it on and off. “ ‘Cup!” He screamed. ‘Addy had a habit of taking out the first letter in a word. When the three children wouldn’t get out of their beds. ‘Addy took measure to the extreme. He aimed each of the spray bottles at the beds and started pumping the handle. Streams of water burst from the muzzle of the bottles and doused each poor boy in freezing water. “WHEN I SAY ‘CUP, I MEAN ‘CUP!”. The children screamed as the water sizzled on their skin, and they raced out of bed. “ ‘Et ‘Ressed ‘Ow” screamed ‘Addy. The children understood perfectly. They rummaged in their dressers and each pulled on some day-time clothes. “ ‘Aight, ‘Ime ‘Or ‘Ome ‘Umping ‘Acks” The children tiredly lined up and starting their daily exercise routine.

                “ ‘Aster” ‘Addy screamed at one chubby child. His ‘Umping ‘Acks getting sluggish. The boy screamed as a stream of cold water hit him in the face.

                Thirty-six minutes later, the children were lined up outside. It was raining buckets, but they were being forced to ‘Cup. “ ‘Ay!” ‘Addy screamed at a boy. He was playing Fortnite on his phone. The boy looked up. ‘Addy was mimicking slashing his neck with his hand. The boy just ignored him. That’s were he went wrong. ‘Addy stomped up. He raised his hand up and brought it down. The hand sliced across the boy’s neck like a sword and cut through it like it was butter.

                The boy slumped to the floor, his head rolling down the driveway. ‘Addy cackled. “ ‘Ou ‘Houlda’ Istened ‘He ‘Irst ‘Ime’!”.


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