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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Electric Scooter

I woke with a start. My throat was dry, and my feet were cold, but I jumped out of my comfortable, warm bed anyways. I had heard clanking in my half-sleeping state, and peered out the frosted window, that looked to the front street. I almost dropped to the floor with surprise. It was an Amazon Prime delivery truck, at 5 in the morning!

I would have leapt for joy, if my other brothers weren’t sleeping in the room. I quietly tip-toed past them, and slow crept down the stairs. Yes! Here is was, my package! I came to a stop at the bottom of the stair well. Crap. I remembered that the house had an alarm system in place to prevent burglars from entering. Now, I was trapped inside. I thought for a moment. Should I open the door to retrieve my package, or wait until the day? Obviously not the second choice, I had been waiting for almost a month!

I sprinted to the alarm system hub, my feet slapping against the cold linoleum floor, and punched in the passcode. I winced as the alarm chirped. “Alarm disabled. Please wait.” Nothing had seemed so loud in my life. After a few dangerous seconds, waiting to see if anyone had woken up, I sprinted back to the front door, and quietly opened it. “Front Door Opened!” It was like a thunderclap to my ears, the alarm reporting that the front door had opened. I gritted my unbrushed teeth, and pulled the package inside. Oof, it was incredibly heavy. I scanned the label after having closed the door. Gross weight: 30lb

After reading the address, Yes! It was for me! – I ripped open the carboard package with my bare hands. There it was, my electric scooter. After decades of waiting, it was finally here.


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