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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Hawwy tries to robs a bank

                Hawwy grins manically as he creeps into the dark alley. He is “strategically” located in front of the place. Hawwy slips on a black ski mask and almost immediately, fog covers his round glasses. “Unhand me, muggles!” He shouts, thinking that someone is trying to rob him. Hawwy stumbles backward and trips over a crate of empty soda bottles. The wizard hits the ground hard. Hawwy takes of his glasses, rubs the fog off of them, and puts them back on. He reaches out and grabs the gym duffel bag. A nasty smell rises from the duffel bag. Earlier that day, Hawwy had snatched it from a poor, unsuspecting victim at the Y. Hawwy covers his nose, and strides out of the alley with the duffel, his short stubby legs moving him only a little bit each stride. Hawwy carefully crosses the street.

                The bright sun shines through the dense foliage that surrounds the bank. Hawwy jumps over the street curb and saunters up to the bank. He opens the many glass doors and is greeted by a blast of AC. Hawwy pushes forward, and walks up to the front desk, where a skinny, English man is sitting at his computer, playing Fortnite. “I’m a robber! Please put all your money is the bag so I can go!” The man doesn’t look up from his monitor, he is too busy eliminating players like flies. “DIDJA HEAR ME, MUGGLE? DO I HAVE TO REPEAT MYSELF?” Hawwy bellows. The man looks down at Hawwy, his spectacles pushes almost to the tip of his nose. “You? Trying to steal from me? Ha!” The man pushes the unsilent alarm. This “robber” seems a bit slow, both mentally and physically. Alarm bells ring, and Hawwy drops the duffel bag, covering his ears. A mean, buff looking Russian security guard steps from the wall, and restrains the small boy. “What is that ghastly smell?” asks the English man. The security guard shrugs, and leads Hawwy outside, where a couple of police cars await Hawwy. “I won’t go quietly, muggles!” Hawwy swings his short arms and shouts with pain when his fist collides with the Russian security guard’s abs. He pushes Hawwy into the police car, and the car zooms off toward the town prison.

                Hawwy is lead through many metal detectors, and then after an interrogation, is lead to his prison cell. His prison mate is a scrawny hobo looking man with only two teeth. He smiles at Hawwy, pointing to the wand sticking out of Hawwy pocket. The security guards had decided to let Hawwy have the “useless stick”. Hawwy raises the stick. “This will be the downfall of the idiot muggles!” Hawwy’s prison mate grins, and nods with agreement.


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