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“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

The Geels Claim Another Victim

It was a cloudy morning in Florida. The morning dew still covered the grass outside of the Jackson house, and from inside came laughter and giggling.

Har Har Har!

The ominous chant of The Geels filled the house. Sese, Marm, and Yats, three young, wild, untamed girls were upstairs in the bathroom, laughing insanely for some strange reason. Actually, it wasn’t strange at all. It was a tradition that in the morning, they all crowded into the bathroom.

Sese was the leader of the cult. As the president of the The Geels, it was necessary to comb her hair approximately every 32 minutes, and teach the two younger members, Marm and Yats, the ways of being a Geel.  

The floor shook in the bathroom, but Silly didn’t even want to know what is going on in there.

Inside of the boy’s room, Silly was trying to concentrate as he worked on his fancy, spanking new video game. He was writing a couple lines of code, when, from downstairs, the doorbell rang. Silly sighed from the interruption; He was just about to test the game.  Silly took the stairs two at a time, and opened the front door, expecting a package from Amazon any day now, but it was just Yandrina, one of the neighbors. She was 10 years old, and had bushy brown hair, the perfect candidate to join the Geels.

“Where are the girls?”

Silly rolled his eyes, weary from hunger, and pointed upstairs. After Yandrina disappeared, most likely joining The Geels in the bathroom, he walked to the kitchen to make himself lunch.

He opened the fridge and was about to take out a slice of fruit cake when suddenly, the floor shook. This wasn’t just normal stomping from upstairs. He could feel the entire house reverberate and echo. The lights flickered and blinked.

Where were his parents when The Geels were making a ruckus? Now he was going to be blamed for not controlling them.

He shook his head in contempt and went back into the freezer to take out the ice cream when he felt something wet and slimy drip down onto his back. Looking up, he gasped at what he saw.

The entire ceiling was wet and was dripping what seemed to be little tangles of curly dark hair. Whatever The Geels were doing in the bathroom, Silly had to put a stop to it. He rushed upstairs, taking the stairs five at a time, and burst into the bathroom. A wave of water almost washed him back downstairs. Inside, The Geels had set up a Bluetooth speaker, and were blasting awful pop songs as they combed each other’s hair with huge combs that were bigger than pitchforks. Their hair was massive. It filled almost the whole room, writhing and moving around like its own being, swirling around in the water/conditioner mixture. That’s what the hair thrived in.

When Silly burst in, The Geels all turned to him, their hair taking a massive form in the bathroom and towering over the poor boy. “We need extra minerals for our Heer!” Yandrina cackled and rushed forward. Her hair swallowed Silly, wrapping around his body like an anaconda. Silly shrieked and shook and he tried to escape, but Yardina’s hair had incredible strength now that it had been soaked in conditioner.

Suddenly, he realized what he had in his pocket. Reaching back with incredible strength, he pulled a lighter from his pocket. The Geels’ eyes widened. “No! Stop him, Yardina!”

But it was too late. Silly lit the lighter, and dropped it onto the floor. Flames erupted all around the bathroom, burning and taking along the hair with it. Water evaporated from the floor, the huge, writing plumes of hair that were once living turned to ash.

After the fire calmed down, all that were left in the bathroom were four bald girls, covered in hair conditioner and sobbing into their hands. Their precious Heer was gone.


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